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Starrfish Equines

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Please note: This page is in progress.


Our home was utterly destroyed by this wildfire Sept. 9-12 in 2020. The horses were literally rescued out of the flames on the third day. It's a true miracle that they survived, and apparently without injury! More info to come. For now, know that they are safe somewhere, and we will get them back after we rebuild. If you'd like to help us reach that goal, please consider contributing or at the very least, sharing our fundraiser:

About our Cause

At Pacific Woods Estate on the beautiful Oregon coast, we have a small equine rescue. Due to our capacity and other restrictions, we are NOT an official non-profit, only in fact! We operate at a loss, of course. Feed runs us over $200 per month, and annually over $1,000 in veterinary fees (as long as all is going well!) Those costs don't include ongoing repairs and maintenancce, labor, hoof trimmings, etc. But we do it for the love of horses. As the story of the little boy who throws one starfish (sea star) after another back into the sea, yet unable to save them all, we can say, "It mattered to that one."

We are not a visiting facility, and at this point, we do not plan to offer horses for adoption. Jim and I have decided that this will be a safe landing for horses and other equines to finish out their lives. So down the road, there will be that cost as well!

Please consider donating to help our cause. It's not tax-deductible, but if you'd like us to help our "starrfish," it would deduct from our burden! Thanks for your consideration. We are working out how we can thank our contributors (certainly a visit to the horses would be an option!)

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Our current residents

Adele joined the alpacas in 2016, which were acquired in 2009. Nutmeg joined us in 2017. Solly makes them an official herd as of July 2020! Sadly, we lost the last of the four alpacas to the wildfire in September 2020.

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